Saturday, September 22, 2012

Been busy

Sorry it's been so long since I've updated, and still no pictures.  I just haven't had the time or energy to upload pics yet, you may have to wait a bit longer.  Krakow is amazing.  I love this place, it's so cheap, so beautiful.  Smaller than the big cities I've been to-- and so much more charming and fun than Warsaw.

I've had a few bumps in the road (lost my phone in warsaw D:) but I can't let that hold me back.  Krakow is such a fun place and the hostel I'm staying at is so fun and energetic.  Last night I went to a party on a tram! a moving tram!  Meeting so many interesting people from all over the world (so many australians).

Hopefully I'll put forth the effort soon and upload some pictures!

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  1. Hi Russell, Glad to hear you're having so good a time that you have no time to post your pix. Would love to see them. My driver just bought some land in Poland, not so far from Berlin he said. His wife is from there and he wants to relocate there. Can't picture it at all, so need photos. Sorry about your phone. Love, Debbie